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Vision Therapy with Our Optometrists in Long Grove, IL

After your exam with one of our Long Grove optometrists, you may be told that you need a specialized treatment to help with your vision. Depending on your situation and goals, one of our eye doctors may recommend vision therapy as part of a treatment plan. Vision correction solutions can address the problems with your vision and help improve your ability to see clearly.

vision therapy long grove, il

What is Vision Therapy?

Vision therapy is a non-surgical and non-invasive treatment to help correct specific visual challenges. Our Long Grove Optometrists may prescribe it if you experience double vision, crossed eyes, lazy eye or convergence insufficiency. It can also be effective after an accident impacts your eyes or when you have other conditions that may benefit from the treatment. Vision therapy is a progressive program of visual exercises performed under medical supervision and is occasionally supplemented with home exercises.

The goal of therapy addresses the underlying complications that impact your vision. It helps your eyes and brain learn or re-learn to work together for improved vision. During sessions, different techniques are used to improve the brain’s ability to control binocular vision, focusing, eye alignment and eye movements.

Why Would a Long Grove Optometrist Recommend Vision Therapy?

An optometrist in Long Grove may recommend vision therapy for a variety of reasons. Generally, we suggest the treatment when it may benefit your eyes and correct a specific problem. We do not recommend the treatment for vision concerns related to an eye condition or for normal changes to your vision that may occur as you age. Vision therapy is designed to correct perceptual-cognitive deficiencies or visual-motor deficiencies due to hereditary factors, trauma to the nervous system or inadequate sensorimotor development.

We often recommend vision therapy for children at a young age. Difficulties with school work often trigger parents and teachers to recommend students be evaluated by an eye doctor to determine if there is a vision problem impacting their studies. Since children are learning to use their eyes in specific ways, vision therapy helps with the goal of improving their control over their eyes and movements of their eyes. It may also help adults when a vision change may benefit from re-training your eyes

Contact Our Optometrists in Long Grove to Learn More about Vision Therapy

If you have noticed a vision change or are experiencing other symptoms related to your eyes, you should schedule a comprehensive eye exam where your overall eye heath and vision can be thoroughly evaluated. At that time, our eye doctors may determine that you could benefit from vision therapy. Our team serves residents of Chicago’s Northwest suburbs including Arlington Heights, Lincolnshire, Vernon Hills, Lake Zurich, Long Grove, Riverwoods and Kildeer.

Keeping your eyes healthy starts with proper care and treatment. To learn more about vision therapy or for an appointment with an optometrist in Long Grove IL, call (847) 955-9393 today or request an appointment online.

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