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The Importance of Eye Care When You Have High Blood Pressure

By placing strain on your optic nerve and tiny blood vessels in your eyes, high blood pressure can negatively affect your vision and your eye's overall health. If you have HBP, your optometrist in Long Grove will examine the condition of capillaries providing oxygenated blood to your eyes and determine if damage due to HBP is occurring or has occurred. In addition, high blood pressure may indirectly impair your vision by causing a stroke damaging the occipital lobe, or the brain region that processes and interprets images received by the retina.

What Exactly is High Blood Pressure?

When your doctor tells you that you have high blood pressure, this means that the force of blood flowing through your vessels is too strong. In other words, your heart needs to work harder than normal to keep blood flow moving throughout the body. A heart constantly under pressure to push blood in and out of arteries and veins is not allowed to relax in between beats.  Consequently, HBP may contribute to a host of chronic medical conditions impairing all physiological systems, including your vision and eye health.

Types of High Blood Pressure Affecting Vision and Eye Health

Pulmonary hypertension is the most commonly diagnosed HBP and indicates abnormally high blood pressure exists in the pulmonary arteries transporting blood from the heart into the lungs. Alternately, primary pulmonary hypertension means no known cause is readily apparent for high blood pressure.

Renal hypertension and renovascular hypertension is high blood pressure resulting from damaged arteries that can no longer transport blood to kidneys normally. Also referred to as renal artery stenosis, renal hypertension usually develops from atherosclerosis and narrowing of arteries vital to kidney functioning.

To avoid suffering vision impairment or loss, it is essential for people suffering any type of HBP to receive regular eye care from their eye doctor in Long Grove.

Hypertensive Retinopathy

If you have HBP, your optometrist in Long Grove offers examinations to detect hypertensive retinopathy in its earliest stages. Hypertensive retinopathy can thicken the walls of your retina's blood vessels, causing them to narrow and restrict adequate blood flow from reaching your retina.

Over time, untreated hypertensive retinopathy may permanently damage retinal blood vessels and interfere with functioning of the retina. Symptoms of hypertensive retinopathy include eye swelling, double vision/reduced vision, headache and bursting blood vessels.

Glaucoma and High Blood Pressure

Although HBP is the not the primary cause of glaucoma, it is one of several factors that may increase your risk of glaucoma. Alternately, ocular perfusion pressure is one of the strongest risk factors for your optometrist in Long Grove diagnosing you with glaucoma. OPP numbers indicate how forcefully blood enters your eye (your arterial blood pressure number less your intraocular blood pressure number).

If you have high blood pressure, receiving professional eye care examinations regularly is vital to maintaining your vision and eye health. To schedule an appointment with your optometrist in Long Grove, please call Forsight Vision, Ltd. today at (847) 955-9393.

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