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Eye Disease Diagnosis and Treatment

The optometrists at Forsight Vision in Long Grove can diagnose and treat a wide range of eye diseases from those creating mild temporary irritation to causing permanent blindness if left untreated. Some of the most devastating eye diseases give you no warning at all, developing gradually and causing permanent damage after without obvious symptoms. Fortunately, a proactive approach to preventative care can help keep your eyes safe from these various threats. Here at Forsight Vision, Ltd. you can rely on either optometrist on our team (Dr. Cohan or Dr. Pott) for eye disease, treatment and even prevention.

ophthalmology in long grove

Some eye diseases are both acute and (thankfully) brief in duration. Conjunctivitis is a prime example. This infection may cause redness, blurred vision, itching and discharge from the eye. In such cases we can determine the underlying cause of your conjunctivitis and prescribe the necessary antibiotics or other care to help you get over the condition and avoid long-term complications such as corneal scarring.

Other eye diseases are both chronic and progressive, leaving irreversible damage in their wake. Your Long Grove optometrist evaluates your eyes for any signs of these ailments so they can be caught and treated as early as possible. Such conditions include:

Glaucoma - Glaucoma causes ever-increasing damage to the optic nerve, robbing you of your vision. Elevated fluid pressure in the eye is a common cause of this disease. We use a technique known as tonometry to measure the pressure inside the eye; if it seems excessive, we may prescribe medications and other treatments to help the fluid drain more efficiently and/or reduce the amount of fluid the eye produces.

Macular degeneration - When the area of your retina known as the macula deteriorates, you can lose your central field of vision, making it impossible to make out individual faces or objects. A retinal exam allows us to diagnose this problem and prescribe treatments such as injectable medications before your eyesight is affected. Macular Pigment Optical Density (MPOD) is a test offered at Forsight Vision that measures your risk for developing macular degeneration. Patients with low scores (less pigment) can improve their pigment layer by taking daily nutritional supplements.

Cataracts - Cataracts are opaque "clouds" that develop in the eye's lens, usually as a natural age-related process but sometimes in response to disease, lifestyle choices or medications. An instrument called a slit lamp allows us to examine the lens in detail to monitor cataract development. Cataracts can be removed surgically and replaced with artificial lenses.

Your Long Grove Optometrist Can Help You Save Your Sight

In addition to diagnosis and treatment, our eye doctors can help you prevent eye problems by recommending lifestyle changes, dietary adjustment and UV protection for the eyes. Take that crucial first step of scheduling a comprehensive eye exam with Dr. Cohan or Dr. Pott today. Call (847) 955-9393 to set up an appointment at Forsight Vision. Whether you're suffering from acute symptoms or you just want to be certain everything is okay, we're your trusted eye care resource!

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