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Dry Eye Treatment at Top-Ranked Optometrists in Long Grove IL

Dry eyes are a common problem, affecting millions of men and women and causing an array of uncomfortable symptoms. While over-the-counter drops may temporarily relieve symptoms, they won’t prevent the problem -- and delaying professional care can actually make the condition worse. As leading optometrists in Long Grove IL, Forsight Vision offers state-of-the-art dry eye treatment so you can enjoy clearer vision, more comfortable eyes, and better overall eye health.

man getting dry eye treatment with an optometrist in Long Grove

Dry Eye Symptoms

If you have dry eyes, you probably have symptoms like:

  • scratchy or itchy eyes
  • gritty sensations in your eyes
  • foreign body sensations or the feeling that something is “stuck” in your eyes
  • blurry vision
  • excessive tearing

Dry eye symptoms usually occur in both eyes, although in rare cases, they can affect only one eye.

Causes of Dry Eye

Dry eyes can occur for different reasons, and understanding the underlying cause plays an important role in making sure you get the best and most appropriate care. The most common causes of dry eye include:

  • problems with your tear production or distribution
  • poor quality tears that either don’t spread well or evaporate too quickly
  • exposure to allergens or irritants like dander, pollen or smoke
  • certain eye diseases or systemic diseases, including some autoimmune disorders
  • long-term use of some medications, including certain high blood pressure medicines and allergy medicines
  • activities that involve long periods of staring or close-up focusing, both of which limit your blinking

Dry eyes have become much more common as more and more people spend long hours staring at computers and other electronics since these activities often limit blinking activity necessary for lubricating your eyes.

Dry Eye Treatments in Long Grove

Dry eye symptoms aren’t just irritating and bothersome; without natural lubrication, your eyes can become more prone to infections and diseases, and the clear surface of your eye can become scratched and damaged. At Forsight Vision, dry eye treatments are tailored to each patient’s individual needs and can include:

  • prescription eye drops to lubricate your eyes and protect them from infections
  • lifestyle changes to reduce the risk of dry eyes
  • simple procedures to “unblock” clogged tear ducts or treat lid infections that can interfere with tear distribution

Prior to treatment, you’ll have an eye exam to understand the causes of your symptoms. In addition to evaluating your eyes and tear ducts, the optometrist also may use a special test to evaluate the quality of your tears and to assess how well your eyes distribute tears across the eye surface. 

Dry Eye Relief at Trusted Optometrists in Long Grove

If you’re looking for effective dry eye relief for greater comfort and clearer vision, visiting optometrists in Long Grove is the first step. As trusted providers of comprehensive eye care throughout the Long Grove region, Forsight Vision uses state-of-the-art diagnostic techniques to determine the cause of dry eye symptoms so treatment can be optimized based on each patient’s unique needs.

If you’re suffering from any of the symptoms of dry eyes, don’t delay treatment.Call Forsight Vision at (847) 955-9393 and schedule an appointment today.

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